Many divers have their first scuba experience on holiday.  It turns out there is a dive center just beside the hotel you are staying on. And they are more than willing to be your midwife of scuba.

Many divers have a dream

Go on holiday and bring along a family member who just loves to dive. Imagine the luxury of having someone begging you to go diving…

You got it all figured out. You take your love one to a dive course and you never need to ask permission to get that one day off when on holiday. The two of you will explore the underwater world of your holiday destination.
So when a diver bring her kid! Of course you sign up for «Try Scuba diving»

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She is curious, comfortable in the water, fifteen and old enough for her first scuba experience. In fact, she knows a lot already because for many years she has had no option but to listen to all your stories, and she has seen your eqipment and gear laying around. You have teached her the OK sign and told her about Arcimedes.
You want this first experience to be as positive as possible. In fact you are feeling a little bit nervous on her behalf.

At the divecenter there is the usual forms to be filled out and signed, and there is the basic dive theory for my new buddy. Everything given to us by the instructor in a trustworthy and professional way. After being fitted into our eqipment, off we go to the divespot chosen for todays dive.

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Watch the video and see for yourself how things turned out in the end…


And the summary from my 15 year old future-buddy-to-be : «yeah… It was nice !»


Thanks to Omega Divecenter for making this a excellent experience.