The shrimp is much appreciated, both as the most important ingredient in a shrimp sandwich, but also as an underwater photo model.

For Norwegians, the real feeling of summer comes when you go to the harbour and buy freshly coocked shrimps directly from the fisherman himself. Either you eat it directly from the bag, or you put it on a sandwich with some mayones and dill. Add a glass of chilled white wine. Enjoy !


Despite a lot of reseach there is a lot we don’ t know about the shrimp. A few years ago the population of shrimps in the Skagerak reached a critical level. Now it seems to be increasing. The scientists really don’t know why. On the other side of the Atlantic ocean, the population is decreasing. Canada and Greenland exports about 70% of the worlds shrimp production. With falling production world wide there is no wonder prices are going up.


The shrimp as an underwater model

The deep water shrimps that we eat, Pandalus borealis, is usually too deep for underwater photographers. Luckily  there are 35 different types of shrimps in Norway and many of them can be found in the more shallow parts of the ocean. It is not easy to make a good picture of a shrimp. Of course you have to find it first. If you bring your torch on a night dive, it is fascinating to see the reflection from the shrimp eyes. Some of them will never stand still for the time required to focus properly. If you find a willing individual, make sure to focus on the eyes and make the shot.


Did you know that the shrimp changes sex during a lifetime? A deep water shrimp is born male and changes to female between the age of one and seven.


  • There are about 2000 different types of shrimps.
  • In Norway we have about 35. different species.
  • Their length varies from 1 – 30 cm.
  • Scientists warn that global warming and pollution will threaten the population.


Source: Norges Forskningsråd