”Nord-Norges Treffet” is the biggest gathering of divers in Norway. This year the organizer, Ishavsbyen Dykkerklubb invites divers to a the ten year anniversary.

The gathering takes place in the little village of Foldvik in Gratangen in the end of September every year. Even though the board of Ishavsbyen Dykkerklubb is very busy right now organizing everything, they take time to talk to WeDive.no.

Gratangen has long tradition in fishing and also has a boat museum

Gratangen has long tradition in fishing and also has a boat museum

Ten years of development

Chairmain Karstein Jenssen can look back at many memorable moments. It is clear that the annual costume party brings back some memories as a faint smile comes to his face. Both Karstein and board member Trond Thomassen emphasizes the good athmosphere among the divers and all the nice feedback they get. Divers coming back year after year is proving they have found the success formula.

Chairman Karstein Jensen

Chairman Karstein Jenssen

This year about 70 divers will come to Gratangen. They come from all over Norway, but also Finland, Poland, Germany and Sweden will be represented.

It all started in a more modest way. Because of decreasing participants on the annual ”Tromsø-treffet” they decided to move the arrangement to Gratangen in 2006. The first arrangement gathered around 30 divers and numbers have gone up since then.

To be able to arrange NNT 2016, Ishavsbyen Dykkerklubb need a lot of equipment. Karstein lists up; 4 -5 boats, 3 compressors, 2 tents, 5 vhf for communication and oxygen in case of emergency. Not to mention a lot of dive supervisors, boat drivers and gas monkeys.
Important ingredients will also be the outdoor tub and the campfire pan. (WeDive.no assumes this has a lot to do with the good atmosphere described earlier…)


Briefing NNT 2015

Finally we want to know what future plans they have. Ishavsbyen Dykkerklubb has no ambitions of hosting a bigger arrangement. About 70 happy divers, good atmosphere and the nature of Northern Norway is the most beautiful combination you can ever imagine, they reply.

Foldvik brygge

Foldvik brygge

Some of the highlights

So what kind of dives can be expected when you spend the weekend in Gratangen ? Of course – the house wreck of Foldvik Brygge is mandatory:

DS Dronning Maud

During ww2 she served as a hospital ship and was clearly marked with the red cross symbol. She was hit by German bombers on the 1. of May 1940 and set on fire. To save Foldvik Brygge they brought her out on the fjord where she kept burning until she sank. Now she is a beautiful wreck to visit. Depth 40 meters on the bottom and 20 meters on the bow. You can find more information (in Norwegian) about the wreck here.


Dronning Maud bow

The stern of MS Dronning Maud

The stern of MS Dronning Maud

The bow of DS Dronning Maud is very impressive

The bow of DS Dronning Maud is very impressive

Here is a little film presenting the wreck:

The wrecks of the Narvik area:

The closest city to Gratangen is Narvik. No need to say what position this town has among wreck lovers. Of course many dives will be in the harbour of Narvik, but also in Herjangen with the wreck Hermann Kunne and in Rombakken with the Dornier 26 Seeadler and Georg Thiele. The last couple of years Ishavsbyen dykkeklubb also has facilitated some deep dives on Erich Giese and Odin. If we were to mention every wreck in the area we know we would miss some out. You better come for yourself and check it out.

If you combine a visit to the «Nord-Norges Treffet», add an evening in the hot tub, share some good stories and a good laugh – Karstein and Trond promise; You will come back !


Short video report from last years gathering