Team WEDIVE.NO captured the best images in this year’s Norwegian championship of underwater photography. Vidar won his fifth championship and Siv won the silver medal. Thirteen photographers competed in a friendly atmosphere in the city of Haugesund. The local diving club, Slettaa Dykkerklubb, showed of some amazing organizing skills. The competitors were well taken care of with boat trips, air filling, surface support, food and more. All the volunteers in Slettaa Dykkerklubb deserves all the kudos they can get. Even the weather was fantastic with blue sky, high temperature, flat sea and no wind.

All photographers perform four dives with a maximum dive time of 90 minutes. Five pictures are submitted, one in each category;
A. Wideangel with diver
B. Wideangel without diver
C. Macro
D. Fish
E. Theme. This year the theme was “contrast”.

Only unedited JPEG files directly from the camera can be submitted.


Fish – Siv Pedersen – 11th place


Macro – Siv Pedersen – 4th place


Makro – Vidar Skålevik – 5th place


Theme – Siv Pedersen – Third place


Wide-angle without diver – Siv Pedersen – Third place


Wide-angle with diver -. Siv Pedersen – 1th Place


Wide-angle with diver – Vidar Skålevik – third place


Wide-angle without diver – Vidar Skålevik – second place


Fish – Vidar Skålevik – second place


Theme – Vidar Skålevik – First place