Nils Roar thinks this record should be set above the arctic circle joined him on one of his test dives in Rombaksfjorden during the scuba gathering «Nord-Norges treffet». have recently brought you the story about Nils Roald Selnes and his aim to set the world record for the longest cold water open sea dive.


Nils-Roar will have plenty of time to play with his ducks

One of the biggest challenges will be the cold water and Selnes refuses to not use any aids as electrical heating vest, etc. Instead he will use two undersuits, neopren dry suit with extra thick boots, two hoods, dry gloves and a full face mask with radio communication to the support team. He also plan to use rice in his pockets to collect the moisture, and frequently purge his suit. He will inflate the dry suit with Argon which have better isolation effect than air.

He has also placed a rowing machine underwater in order to exercise. That is a sight you certainly don´t see every day!

Important to have something to pass time with….

He has to stay longer than 15 hours under water to set a new world record. He is planning to enter the water about noon, stay the whole day and long night beneath the surface and he replies in an optimistic way ; «then I might as well stay until the morning».

See video from one of his test dives here:

The support team around him will be well organized and they hope to stream the whole dive from an ROV and put a big screen in the town centre of Tromsø. If possible will keep  you updated and bring you this dive live ! Join the Facebook group for the latest news.

A rest after one of the test dives. Very heavy bottles and a lot of clothing



Nils-Roar will also collect marine litter during the dive.



GOOD LUCK NILS-ROAR, May the ducks be with you!