This winter we have participated in an exciting photo project. The aim was to capture some eye-catching images of local swimmers and divers. The large prints should decorate the walls of Klepp swimming pool.

Together with Rune Helliesen and Nanco Hoogstad we had several photoshoots in the pool. After some trial and error, we managed to get enough good shoots to make an exhibition. Some of the ingredients we used for the photoshoot were dry ice, a bathtub and water balloons.

Check out the behind the scenes video below to see how many of the images were created.

We would like to thank the local swimming and diving club for this fun assignment.

Below you will see our three images which were selected for the exhibition, and some of the «runners up».


Øyvind Junge taking the plunge



Vidar Goldfine making the turn



Amalie Haavardsholm taking a well deserved rest



Solveig Refve gliding through the water



Matilde Pollestad



Amalie and Matilde in the bathtub


This is how the exhibition looks now. Photo by Rune Helliesen



WEDIVE.NO´s photographer and his trusty ducks. Photo by Rune Helliesen