You are ready to have a nice vacation and your underwater camera is ready.

What about the photographer ? Are you ready to capture the moments ?

Here are som basic tips to take better underwater images.


Know your camera !

If you have bougt a grand new camera for this trip, you could miss on some details. The risk of using a lot of valuable holiday time on camera manuals is highly present. This is time spent that should be used to actually take the pictures. Test your camera before you leave and learn about the basic functions


Learn your camera before you go

The horizional view

You usually look down at the seabed when you dive. This does not mean you have to take all the pictures from this angle. Your motive could disappear into the background. If you take the pictures from an horizonal view or poining upwards, the objekt will come through and your field of depth is better.

With an horizional view the object will be more visible

With an horizional view the object will be more visible

Forget about the zoom-button !

You will have better pictures if there is as little water as possible between the camera and the object you want to take picture of. This will cause less particles and the motiv will be more prominent.


Bring back the colours !

The beautiful colours under water are absorbed by the water and the lack og light as you go deeper. On 10 meters the color red will be absent. In order to really show the beauty of a coral reef below 10 meters you have to add light. This could be a torch or flash. Your budget will deside what to use, but a flash will probably give the best result. If you use your camera to make films, videolights will be the prefered option.

Artificial light to bring back the colours

Artificial light to bring back the colours


With only natural light there will be very little colours as you go deeper

With only natural light there will be very little colours

Don`t forget the world above water !

There is a risk that you forget about what is above water when you are on a dive trip. Remember to take some pictures of the landscape, the diveboat, the crew and the people you share the trip with. This is important if you want to tell the whole story.



Sort, Delete and Share !

In a digital world you can easily fill up your memory card with thousands of pictures during the holiday. This could mean weeks of work when you are back home. If you don`t have time during the trip,- make a rough sort, delete and you will have a much better chance of doing a good job afterwards. Remember to share the best pictures from the trip.


Good luck !