Last year we won the gold and silver medal in the Norwegian Championship of underwater photography. This year we took on completely different roles.

As leader of one of the three diving clubs that organized the championship, Vidar were too occupied with the planning of the event to participate. Siv were stuck without a buddy and went all-in for the video championship. A week before the event she got hired as assistant for our fellow photographer and Raja Ampat travel companion; Bjørnar Nygård.

Bjørnar Nygård became the new Norwegian Champion of Underwater Photography and Siv was the model on the winning «wide angle with model» image.


Winning image in the «wide angle with diver» category. Photo by Bjørnar Nygård.

Video bonanza !

Vidar produced 33 videos prior to the championship in order to create attention for the participants, the competition, sponsors and underwater photography in general. The videos generated 32.000 views on the Facebook page «NM i Undervannsfoto 2017» and showed the great marketing potential that underwater photography represent. It was such a success that the Norwegian diving federation decided that separate Facebook pages for competitions where not allowed. All organizers shall in the future be given access to upload content directly to the federations Facebook page.

Skjermbilde 2017-09-12 kl. 00.26.47

Videos produced as part of the marketing of the championship

If you want to check out the videos, go to this Facebook page

The final video

This is the final video and a summary of a fantastic championship. A big thank you to all the volunteers from the diving clubs; Stavanger Dykkerklubb, Gjesdal Dykkeklubb and Havhesten Undervannsklubb for making this possible.