We always aim to present the beauty of the underwater world. Unfortunately not everything we see is beautiful.

We find marine litter and pollution everywhere we dive. As divers and underwater photographers, we have to communicate the sad state of our oceans. The entire world is dependent of a healthy ocean, but only a few of us explore it regularly. We are very happy to see that a global movement has surfaced during the last years, and the national broadcasting company in Norway, NRK, is going «all in» during the spring of 2018 to bring everybody’s attention to this important topic.

WeDive.no have participated in numerous clean up operations during the last years and we have documented many of them.

We have done several clean-up operations in Lofoten, Northern Norway. This is from Vaterfjorden outside Svolvær

The Norwegian Dive Association has done a fantastic job in facilitating a lot of clean-up operations. We have made a film for them. This is used as promotion for a new «clean-up season».


From the center of Stavanger – on the west coast of Norway


From the harbour of Stavanger

From Northern Norway. Outside the city of Harstad


Ghost fishing is when lost fishing gear becomes an everlasting trap for the marine life. We removed a chain of 6 lost crab pots.


Various clean up operations in Stavanger




Help us make the future better for the next generations !