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Giant monkfish trying to lure the diver

In Diving in Norway On 21. oktober 2021 0 Comments

We met this giant monkfish at Stornes outside Harstad in Northern Norway. It suddenly started to wave his lure which is used to lure his prey towards his… Read More »

Grumpy wolf fish – Scuba diving outside Harstad in Northern Norway

In Diving in Norway On 21. oktober 2021 0 Comments

OK, we admit that the title is clickbait. The wolf fish is just old and have big theets 🙂 He is resting in the shallows during spring. We… Read More »


In Diving in Norway On 29. april 2021 0 Comments

We went Icediving in a local lake. Check out the video!

Scuba trip around the biggest island in Norway

In Diving in Norway On 19. mars 2021 0 Comments

During the summer of 2020, we packed our boat with diving equipment and encircled the largest island in Norway; Hinnøya. In four days, we made three dives and… Read More »

WeDive on national television!

In Diving in Norway On 8. februar 2021 0 Comments

We have supplied the national broadcaster NRK with underwater footage from our club wreck Belgica. Siv also made an interview. See the full story here:

Scuba diving weekend at Bjarkøy – Northern Norway

In Diving in Norway On 13. september 2020 0 Comments

Scuba diving in the archipelago north of Harstad. Kelp forrest, steep walls, monkfish, lumpfish, nudibranchs, jellyfish and shoal of fish.

Seastar spawning

In Diving in Norway, Ukategorisert On 26. juli 2020 0 Comments

When the seastars mate, they simultaneously release millions of tiny eggs and sperm into the ocean. This is an amazing event and we were lucky to witness this… Read More »

WeDive meets Hvaldimir (The runaway Beluga whale)

In Diving in Norway, Stories On 13. juni 2020 0 Comments

Hvaldimir is a beluga whale which was discovered in Finnmark, Northern Norway in April 2019. He was wearing a harness and appeared to be trained. Some say he… Read More »

Celebrating the Norwegian constitution day

In Diving in Norway On 13. juni 2020 0 Comments

This is how we celebrated the constitution day of Norway, 17th of May in the year of Corona/Covid-19

Remote diving in Tinden – Vesterålen

In Diving in Norway On 4. desember 2019 0 Comments

This summer we got the opportunity to dive at Tinden in Vesterålen. This is an old fishing community and only accesible by boat. The amazing nature in Vesterålen… Read More »