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The wreck of Black Watch

In Diving in Norway On 21. oktober 2021 0 Comments

In October we visited the wreck of Black Watch in Kilbotn outside Harstad. The wreck was sunk during an air raid on the 4th. May 1945. This was… Read More »

Grumpy wolf fish – Scuba diving outside Harstad in Northern Norway

In Diving in Norway On 21. oktober 2021 0 Comments

OK, we admit that the title is clickbait. The wolf fish is just old and have big theets 🙂 He is resting in the shallows during spring. We… Read More »

Scuba trip around the biggest island in Norway

In Diving in Norway On 19. mars 2021 0 Comments

During the summer of 2020, we packed our boat with diving equipment and encircled the largest island in Norway; Hinnøya. In four days, we made three dives and… Read More »

Diving with Dinosaurs – The marine iguanas of Galapagos

In Diving destinations On 12. april 2020 0 Comments

On our liveabord trip to the Galapagos in November 2018 we got the oppertunity to scuba dive with one the coolest creatures in the ocean. The Marine iguana… Read More »

Gold medal for shark video

In Diving in Norway On 13. mars 2019 0 Comments

Vidar won the Norwegian championship in underwater video in 2018. The video «Haisommer i Rogaland» showed the annual gathering of spiny dogfish in the Stavanger area. The video… Read More »

The underwater airplane selfie

In Diving in Norway, Stories On 5. november 2018 0 Comments

Sometimes you get a stupid idea which does not let go until you decide to execute on it. This is one of those ideas….

Night diving season has started

In Diving in Norway On 14. oktober 2018 0 Comments

The hours with daylight are steadily decreasing towards winter. A dive after work is now a night dive. Luckily, we have video lights and plenty of critters are… Read More »

Scuba diving in Saltstraumen – The worlds strongest tidal current

In Diving destinations, Diving in Norway, Stories On 2. oktober 2018 0 Comments

In September 2018 we visited Saltstraumen outside Bodø. This is one of the strongest tidal currents in the worlds and the marine life is spectacular. It is extremely… Read More »

Summer diving in Harstad

In Diving in Norway On 28. august 2018 0 Comments

We did a few dives in Harstad in Northern Norway this summer. When the visibility is not great, it’s perfect to put on the macro lens.

Lofotuka 2018 – Scuba diving in lovely Lofoten

In Diving in Norway On 12. august 2018 0 Comments

The summer holiday is not complete until we have joined the annual gathering of scuba divers in Lofoten.