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A story about us and our roundtrip Hinnøya video project in Harstad Tidene 20.03.2021

Underwater footage on three occasions in television shows from the national broadcaster NRK.

Søndagsrevyen 10.01.2021

Norge rundt 12.02.2021

Grasrotforskerne 08.04.2021

Screendump from Søndagsrevyen


Underwater pictures in the magazine «VÅG»

Underwater scenes of Harbour Porpoise to Crystal Water Film Production: «Hur intelligent är delfiner…  …egentligen?»

Underwater scenes of Harbour Porpoise to Maramedia production «Stormborn». Also aired on Norwegian television


Underwater scenes for the movie «Shallow water blackout» by director Trygve Luktvasslimo







Skjermbilde 2018-11-07 kl. 19.50.45

Harstad Tidene 01.10.2018

Clean up in Hagan boat harbour in Harstad


NRK 23.07.2018

Distriktsnyheter Nordnytt

We delivered UW-video, drone shots and were even inteviewed in this story on boats sinking in harbors and causing an environmental problem.

Skjermbilde 2018-11-07 kl. 19.44.57

Harstad Tidene 02.07.2018

Clean up in Harstad Harbour.


NRK 02.05.2018

Hvem er det som synes det er greit å kaste søpla si rett i havet?

Story by NRK, video, pictures and spoken words by

Listen to the radio interview

Skjermbilde 2018-01-27 kl. 20.30.06

VG-reise 26th January 2018

Saba – det lille dykkerparadiset i Karibien

Story by Liv Karin Edvardsen and pictures from





Sportsdykkeren no 5 / 2017 (Danish magazine)

Færøerne – Forfriskende dykning i Nordatlanteren

5 page article on diving in the Faroe Islands


Sportsdykaren no 4 / 2017 (Swedish diving magazine)

Newfoundland – En välbevarad hemlighet

Frontpage and 8 page article on diving in Newfoundland

Skjermbilde 2017-09-26 kl. 22.49.28

Harstad Tidene 26.09.2017

Best på bunnen

Interview with team member Siv Pedersen about her gold medal in the Norwegian Championship in underwater video. You need a subscription to read the article.


Nettavisen 31.07.2017

Sjekk hva dykkerne fant på fjordbunnen: – Listen er ubehagelig lang

Video, images and interview from the clean up operation in Lofoten, Vaterfjorden.


NRK Nett 30.07.2017

Se hva dykkerne fant på havbunnen i Lofoten: -Utrolig hva folk kaster fra seg.

Images from clean up operation in Lofoten, Vaterfjorden.

Skjermbilde 2017-07-17 kl. 23.46.25

Sportsdykkeren April 2017

Skudeneshavn – Idyl på norske Vestlandet

5 pages

The member magazine for the Danish sport diver federation ran our story on diving in Skudeneshavn. The magazine has 8000 subscribers and is issued 6 times a year.

Skjermbilde 2017-07-17 kl. 22.43.07


Saba – Caribien

The Scandinavian dive magazine «Dyk» has been relaunched as a web based magazine. Our Saba story is spread out on 26 pages with beautiful layout and video links. You need a subscription to read the magazine. 20 issues a year will cost you 295 DKK.

Skjermbilde 2017-03-28 kl. 23.48.25

Harstad Tidene 19.03.2017

Underwater clean up campaign in Harstad


Sportsdykaren no 1/2017 (Swedish diving magazine)

Kustriksvägen – dykarnas Route 66.

9 pages


Dykking no 1/2017 (Norwegian diving magazine)

Saba – The unspoiled queen of the Caribbean. 7 pages.

Click here for an English version.

Pictures from the Norwegian championships of underwater photography in 2016

Click here for our submitted pictures

4 pictures in the calendar for 2017


Harstad Tidende 08.01.2017

Photo project on how the sea take back the sunken fishing boat MK Nordsjø



Harstad Tidende 24.10.2016

Underwater clean up campaign in Brurvika just outside Harstad


NRK 09.10.2016

Underwater movie clips from clean up campaign at Lindøy outside Stavanger. Raising of a tractor.


Itromsø 28.09.2016

World record attempt – The longest cold water sea dive


Itromsø 25.09.2016

The biggest gathering of scuba divers in the nordic countries; «Nord-Norges treffet 2016»


Aftenposten 19.09.2016

Norwegian underwater photography championship 2016


Stavanger Aftenblad 18.09.2016

Norwegian underwater photography championship 2016


NRK web 18.09.2016

Norwegian underwater photography championship 2016


TV Haugaland 15.09.2016

Norwegian underwater photography championship 2016


Dykking no 1/2016 (Norwegian diving magazine)

Story on the scuba divers route 66 – The Costal Highway (kystriksveien), 9 pages


Sportsdykkeren July 2016 (Danish diving magazine)

Frontpage and story on diving in Lofoten


Harstad Tidene 12.08.2016

Clean up campaign in Lofoten


Lofotposten 11.08.2016 (subscription required)

Clean up campaign in Lofoten


Stavanger Aftenblad 27.07.2016 (subscription required)

Marine archeologists investigate the sea floor prior to rock dumping.